Bathrooms and Kitchens

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H & H Construction LLC can help you to design your dream kitchen or bathroom.

Ready to give your kitchen and bathroom a refreshed and gorgeous look? H & H Construction LLC can help you turn your kitchen and bathroom visions into a reality. We can do anything from starting fresh by tearing it down to the studs all the way to painting cabinets and installing new hardware.

The kitchen is often considered the heart of the home, where families and friends gather to be with one another. We can help if you believe your kitchen is lacking the functionality and elegance that you desire. We would love to hear exactly what it is that you envision and help you find the solutions that fit within your budget.

We believe a bathroom should have a luxurious feel to it; it should not create tension and headaches when you walk in. H & H Construction LLC can help you design a more functional and stunning bathroom. We’re happy to help with the big and small projects that you may have in your bathroom. We can redesign the layout of the bathroom, including moving plumbing and wiring with the help of our electrical and plumbing team, in order to increase the functionality of your bathroom. We can also help with smaller jobs to refresh the look of your bathroom, including, flooring, tiling, a new vanity, storage solutions, etc.

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